One year and a new job later

It’s been a long year, but an important year, 2019. I’m glad we met, but I’m happy to see the lovely curves of 2020. Hey you sexy decade.

My first post was on staying motivated during a job search. Well, it wasn’t always pretty, but now I land in January of 2020 three months into a new job a small, creative marketing agency in Seattle. While what am doing isn’t my strong suit (accounting, executive assistant crap), I am very luck to have the opportunity to write for them and generally soak up this thing known as “agency life” with the aspiration that I will discover and move on to my next creative adventure.

Barley and I coming off the PCT at Stevens Pass in the Fall of 2019.

For now though, I intend to use this site to write. More and more. I’m not of the “I’m gonna post everyday new years resolution-ers” but I’m going to post more. On food. On hiking and my musings outdoors. On love. On living life and pushing forward to make it something to write about. And my dog. She’s great.

Thank you for reading from the beginning. Looking forward to seeing what is next.

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