Let us abandon death for a day

Let us abandon death for a day
to flood our world with love.
No murder, no cancer, no burning, no tragedies.
Would we all
discover a moment to breathe,
embrace it, and fill our lungs with life?
Could we do it together
and could we do it in peace?

For that day, would we understand each other more?
Revenge exchanged for empathy, weapons for hugs?
Would all of our souls be open to connect
and know
that electric love exists?
Oh that glorious next dawn!
Could we rise with the sun
with a new spectrum of light bursting through
our own rugged landscapes and bless Earth
with fresh illumination?
Then see each other,
and our soft tender hearts, as the
majestic achievement of life
and our souls the pious nature of love.

In the abandonment of love, death flooded.
May we let the tide of love raise our boats
from the depths of our own extinction.

-January 8, 2020

Fog over an alpine lake
The world is not fucked, it’s just out of balance.

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