About Beingk8

Drinking Whiskey
Read on. Discover reasons why I drink, hike, and go about living my best life.

Writer. Adventurer. Thinker.

Hello Friends! This is the magical online space for sharing my ideas and creativity. I live in the Pacific Northwest, just south of Seattle. My most formative years of my youth were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area. I take advantage of a lot of outdoor activities here, but am partial to hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and camping. When it’s raining, like any PNWer, I cuddle up with my dog, a book, and a cup of coffee (or a nice IPA, depending on the time of day) and enjoy the sounds of the rain and the blanket of clouds over head.

This page will to evolve and grow, just like you and me. I am passionate about the outdoors (see above), travel, music, words, fitness, and food. In all of these areas, there is a real opportunity to dig deeper into who you are and to find what motivates you. In real life, the best conversations are deep ones and I love to listen. I love to hear what makes people tick and help them move to the next wonderful space in their lives. I aim for these passions and insights to come out in my writing here, and in the work I do.

You may also be here because I want you to hire me. Don’t worry- you won’t regret it. I’m a former education idealist, where I poured my heart and soul into improving the system and helping families and students access a better future through education. Now I am developing my own creativity and voice as I strive to find where all my do-good intentions meet with creativity.

Forever too shy and guarded to share my words in my younger years, I aspire to be over that now, by telling my stories, and yours if you’d like. I’m looking for opportunities to build my portfolio and learn new skills. I’m never a one trick pony. I’m a Jill of all trades and a Master of Education- other’s and my own. If you need a copywriter, content, or a content strategy, I invite you to reach out and see if we can work together.